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Toaster Ovens Servings: When And How to Use

Toaster ovens tend to be multipurpose kitchen appliances. Not only does this appliance save up on electricity but it also takes up less space in the kitchen. Although the older versions restricted the use of toaster ovens for basics only, such as heating up food or making toast, it’s time to contemplate some new uses of this versatile appliance.



Bagels, waffles, pancakes, and toast for breakfast can be made in no time. Select the “toast” setting on the oven’s dial and you are ready to go. Muffins can also be baked in the oven. Fill some muffin cups with batter and place them on to the tray in the toaster. Delicious smelling muffins will be ready within minutes.


Make your favorite sandwich for lunch whenever you want. After arranging the bread, meat, and cheese and topping it off with some dressing, place it “open-faced” on the oven tray. Always place the cheese on top to melt it better.  Place an extra slice of bread on top once the sandwich is ready to be eaten.


Garlic toast points and roasted vegetables are no longer difficult to make and they can be ready in a jiffy. Just remember to cover the cooking sheet with aluminum foil to make sure the oven stays clean in the process of making food.

In order to roast carrots, slice them in the julienne style. Spread them on the toaster tray. Sprinkle minced garlic and olive oil on them. Bake at 450 degrees until brown.

A zucchini, some onions, and eggplant can also be roasted quite easily in a toaster oven. Cut them into small pieces and sprinkle olive oil, garlic, pepper, salt and other seasonings on top. Bake the vegetables for 6-10 minutes and the dish is ready to be served with garlic butter and toothpicks.

To cook garlic toast points, cut triangular pieces of pita bread. Brush them with some olive oil and garlic. Bake the bread for 7-10 minutes to get crispy and crunchy garlic toast points ready in no time.

Single Servings

Single-serving or “serves 2″ foods can be easily accommodated in toaster ovens. In case of emergencies or according to one’s requirements any frozen item (i.e.: chicken tenders or chicken fingers, French fries, garlic bread, and personal pizzas) is easy to make in a toaster oven.


Making a trouser in a toaster oven takes no time. Roll out half the pizza dough on the oven tray. Top it off with marinara sauce, cheese, and other ingredients according to your liking. Seal the edges by folding the leftover dough on top of the ingredients. Heat the oven at 450 degrees and bake for 20 minutes.

Lasagna can also be cooked in a toaster oven. Spread beef, cheese and pasta sauce on slices of zucchini and allow the dish to bake for approximately 30-35 minutes until heated thoroughly.


Smores are the easiest dessert to make. Top a graham wafer with some chocolate and a marshmallow and place it on the toaster tray. Apply another cracker on top to make the upper layering. As long as the marshmallows do not melt, let them continue heating at 350 degrees.

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