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7 Most important Toaster Oven Safety Tips for Newbie

toaster oven safety tips

Safety should always be a concern in the home, whether you have children or not. With toaster ovens, there are a few key considerations toaster oven safety tips – exterior heat of the oven, fires, and child usage.

External heat

When we discuss toaster oven safety tips, Inside the oven, temperatures can get very hot – up to 500 degrees and even higher. Low-end toasters are made out of thin, cheap materials and their exterior surfaces can become very hot. It is important in these cases to use the handles on the door and use caution when opening it, especially if you’ve been cooking something for longer than it takes to make toast. Higher-end models often have insulation that prevents this problem from occurring.


Fires can occur because of overheating of the toaster, because of electrical problems, or (most frequently) because of leftover food or grease that has dripped down to the bottom of the toaster near the elements.

Child usage

Children who don’t know how to properly use the toaster oven can create a safety problem. Nevertheless, a toaster oven is safer than a conventional oven or a range for children to use in most cases.

Toaster Oven Safety Tips

  1. Look for a toaster that has insulated materials and is designed to minimize heat transference to the exterior.
  2. Always use the handle to open the toaster. Allow the toaster a minute to cool down before opening.
  3. Keep the inside of the toaster clean – especially of melted cheese or large chunks of food.
  4. Unplug the toaster before you clean it.
  5. Keep the toaster away from water sources.
  6. Keep the toaster unplugged when it is not in use.
  7. Train your children on safe usage before letting them touch it.

Toaster Oven Safety features

Some ovens come with some helpful safety features. Look for some of these when making your selection:

  • An audible alarm that sounds when the toast or cooking is finished
  • Auto shutoff features – some ovens will automatically shut off if the temperature exceeds safe limits or if there is a danger of fire.
  • Timer shutoff – some timers can be set to shut off the oven when the timer is complete.
  • Insulated, high-quality interior materials that prevent the oven from becoming hot.
  • Look for ovens that are easy to clean. Many ovens have crumb trays that slide out easily. You may still need to be able to open up the toaster and clean out the inside as well, and some toasters are much easier than others in this department.

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