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Specialty Rods and Reels

Compared to an ordinary lake or river, a tumultuous ocean is a much rougher environment for a fishing rod. If you plan on fishing at sea, you’ll need a special kind of fishing rod called a surf fishing rod.

Live bait fishing also requires specialty gear. For best results, you’ll need a specialty rod equipped with a multi-gear reel. A multi-gear reel allows you to give your live bait lots of slack so that it can move around and attract larger fish. A multi-gear rod and reel allow you to shift gears immediately, tighten the drag and quickly finish up the catch when you get a bite.

The third type of specialty rod is a trolling rod. Trolling rods are tough and thick but they are useless for casting. Trolling rods are specifically made to be used while fishing behind a moving boat.

Fly fishing requires a bit more artistry to pull off a catch compared to other styles of fishing. If you want to try your hand at fly fishing you’ll need a specialty rod called a fly rod. Fly rods are great for handling synthetic, lightweight lures that look like flies or other kinds of insects.

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