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Is Kayaking Good for Weight Loss & Fitness

Kayaking is a low-impact activity that can benefit the health and well-being in a variety of different ways.

It has the potential to not only tone the muscles but improve the cardiovascular system and heart, as well as providing mental health benefits.

Whether it is paddling in flat-water (river, lake, etc.) or getting involved in extreme whitewater rafting, there are a wide range of benefits to gain from a regular kayaking session.

Here are four reasons to invest time in this low-impact sporting activity:

1 ? Cardiovascular health

Kayaking will have a major positive impact on the cardiovascular system and strengthen most of the muscle groups in the upper body.

Even though the major benefit from kayaking is a workout for the upper body, the lower body can also benefit.

Using a kayak often helps to improve heart strength and this major organ is significantly stronger (able to pump blood more efficiently) compared to those that live a sedentary lifestyle.

2 ? Mental Health

Aerobic exercises like kayaking can have a major impact on the mental health and ability to feel positive and less stressed.

By engaging in physical exercise like this it is possible for the brain to release a chemical that give a boost to the mood, self-worth, and confidence.

If feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed, a peaceful and relaxing kayaking trip is certain to help provide a relaxed feeling that brings a state of peacefulness.

3 ? Tones the muscles

A regular paddling session is certain to help with strengthening and toning the arms, back, and shoulders. A skilled paddler should be in a positive to complete approx 450-500 strokes per mile.

The upper body muscles and core get a great workout while paddling, while also increasing the leg strength because of the extra pressure used to paddle and stay upright.

Paddling on the open waters, rivers, or lakes can result in nearly 1450 repetitions per 60 minutes at a steady pace of 3 MPH.

Kayaking soon helps to strengthen and increase the size of the upper arm, forearm, and chest. Plus, this will also help to improve the grip strength.

4 ? Weight loss

Kayaking is a great low-impact activity that helps to lose weight and burn fat.

For instance, a kayaker weighing about 125-lbs has the potential to lose 300-325 calories per hour, while the kayaker at 185-lbs has the potential to burn 450 calories for every hour paddling.

So, after completing a paddling session of 4 hours it is possible to cut weight in the region of 1250-1650 calories.

In Summary

Kayaking is certain to be a low-impact exercise choice for those searching a fun outdoor activity to boost the health.

This aerobic activity is great for lowering the blood pressure, cholesterol levels, controls the blood sugar, and strengthens the lungs and heart health. Upper body muscles (arms, chest, back, and shoulders) benefit from the constant paddling action to strengthen and tone the body.

Plus, kayaking is a physical activity that puts minimal pressure on the joints and muscle tissues.

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