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The Importance and Convenience of Dog Gates in Your Home

When my husband and I had our two greyhounds, we were forever coming home to big messes. Whether it was the garbage can get knocked over, or one of them cleverly getting into a cabinet and stealing cookies or treats, they were just always getting into something no matter how well we thought we had everything put away.

We considered getting an under the cabinet garbage can at least, but with our small kitchen, it just wouldn?t fit under our sink cabinet. We knew we needed a better solution. So we thought about it and did some research, and came across?dog gates.?We wondered why we hadn?t thought about this before!

Since our boys were both very tall, we made sure to buy a taller model gate, and once we installed it, there were no more messes. We were able to block them out of the kitchen while we were out, and made sure they had their water in another part of the house they were allowed to be in. We no longer had to come home and clean up a disaster as soon as we got there; instead, we got to enjoy our boys.

Dog GateWhy Dog Gates are So Important

When you need to keep your pet out of certain areas of your home, a?dog gate?will serve you as the best solution in many ways. The design of the area, however where you need to place the gate will also play a big factor.

The first and foremost use of the gate is to make an area in your home which is a secure and safe environment for your precious furry family member, where they can roam, play and wander in a space all of their own.

Besides this primary reason, there are of course several other reasons for you to purchase?dog gates for home.?They can be used quite effectively to rain your dog in the way you want them to. The gate serves as a limitation or a barrier, which will help you to understand that there are territorial boundaries which have their limits. Plus, since you cannot watch them at all times or always be training them, the gate will act as an effective solution for these times when you are not there to make sure your dog remembers its limits in the territory.

Aside from these reasons, dog doors and gates have other purposes, some of which you can see below.

  • A?dog gate indoor?can protect your dog from areas in your home which could be dangerous to them in some way. Since your pet can encounter items in your home that could pose a danger, such as breaking something and harming themselves on it, you need to have a way to protect both your items and your pet. Things such as chemicals, lamps, and glassware can be harmful items that you?d want your pet to stay away from. You may not always be around to keep your pets safe from whatever they might get into, so having a gate is the best solution.
  • When you block off your dog?s ability to access particular areas of your home or even a particular room, you can train them effectively to learn the boundaries and limits which they can have access to.
  • When you have children in your home, having a?dog gate?will keep them and your dog safe from any mishaps which are unexpected but could happen with both of them present. Sometimes, even the sheer excitement from a good sized dog could knock a child over, and without meaning to, they could cause the child to trip and hurt themselves in the process. Also, dogs can be pretty sensitive to tugs on their tails or fur, which could result in a nip. When you have a gate up, you won?t have to worry about them interacting with each other while you are not able to watch them.
  • Dog gates?are the best way to restrain or prevent your pet from jumping up onto something. It should be tall and strong enough to stop them whenever they have the urge to leap over it. These gates are meant to withstand pressure, so you don?t have to worry about your dog being able to break through.
  • Even if you need to keep your dog out of a particular room for a time during an event (such as a child?s birthday party where some children may be afraid of the dog), the?best dog gates?can keep your family pet contained but not completely shut out from all of the activities, since they can still see, and even participate in what is going on.

Shopping for the Right Dog Gates

Gates for small sized dogMuch like bringing an infant home, bringing a puppy home causes some much-needed preparations to be made to make sure the puppy stays safe and healthy. One such preparation is purchasing dog gates to keep your new family member out of areas that could be dangerous to their health. The biggest question is, what type of gate do you need for your puppy?

It is important to purchase a gate which fits the opening you are thinking about. Make sure to get exact measurements of the entryway or doorway so you can buy the perfect size gate the first time around. A lot of these gates have extensions which let them fit some sizes of openings. If the entrance isn?t wide enough even with the extension, you could consider making your own from a baby crib or used railing.

When you go to buy the puppy gate, ensure that it is also tall enough so that your dog will be kept where you want him, even after he?s fully grown. As they grow, they become more skilled, and a lot of dogs can clear a gate easily if there is something on the other side which catches their attention. Even if the gate looks way too big in the beginning, it is better than having to purchase many gates over time.

These gates are not difficult to install or use. It is best to find a gate that has a secure latch you can easily open and close with one hand, so you have easy access while you are carrying something. Be careful, however, not to get a gate that is so easy to open that your puppy can figure it out as well. Don?t buy one where you have to step over it to get to the other side, either, as this is an accident waiting to happen.

Dog gates can be found in most pet stores, plus on the Internet at a variety of websites. Here you will find a lot of choices, and it might be easier to find what you want. You might want to look at baby gates, too for what you need, as some models work great for canine use.

Getting a gate for your puppy, whatever the cost, is worth it for the peace of mind you?ll gain in knowing that your dog is safe and secure while you are not watching him.

The Benefits of Using Dog Gates

You went and brought that new puppy home to your family, and everyone is thrilled. However, you realize that you need to set some boundaries in your home for the little bundle of fur. The use of dog gates is the perfect answer when you are trying to train a puppy or even keep an older dog out of particular areas in your home. Depending on your situation, you can use a dog gate while your dog will be home unattended to keep him out of individual rooms, or even while you have guests over to keep the dog from being a pest.

The most common place where people use these gates is in the kitchen. This is generally a room in the home which dogs just love to go, but you?d rather keep them out of, especially when they are home alone. Most dogs are quite crafty and will get into whatever they can when no one is around to stop them. By having the kitchen gated off to them, you will avoid a lot of mess and also keep your precious family member safe from getting sick by consuming something he shouldn?t have.

Sometimes, dogs get very excitable around guests or new people. By having them gated into a particular area of the home away from your guests, it will keep the dog from jumping all over them and perhaps make your guests feel a bit safer if they are nervous around dogs.? It will also give the dog a chance to greet your guest from behind the gate and have time to calm down so that if you choose, you can let the dog join you once it is more settled.

Dog gates can also be used when you are potty training your puppy. A gate can keep the puppy confined to the room in which you have his training papers while you are not home, so he doesn?t make messes all over your home. If you leave him to roam your entire home freely, it can be more difficult getting him to understand house training. When you bring a new puppy into your home, it does not understand boundaries, so you have to teach it. To the puppy, the house is its whole world, and it doesn?t get the difference between outdoors and indoors, so it will relieve itself wherever it deems fit unless it is trained. When you use one of these gates, it will help your puppy to learn and make your life a whole lot easier!


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